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Basic Home Treatment to Recover Your Dog from Seizure

There’s nothing more terrible than a puppy that suffered a seizure. Owners may panic when seeing their dog seizures and that might scare them. There are no home remedies for that yet. But you can depend on the dog first aid tips to save them from seizure.

Protect Your Dog

Make sure your animal is out of danger in case the dog is having a seizure. Make sure the dog is away from stairs, furniture and sharp objects.



Once the puppy has overcome the attack, comfort him by speaking in a calm voice and petting him. Massage some Rescue Remedy in the dog’s fur to help relax. Seizure can cause low glucose content and lower glucose levels can trigger a seizure.

Protect Yourself

Assume that your puppy is uncontrollable during an attack. Don’t try to help your dog from swallowing their tongue during seizure because this can cause a severe bite. Dogs do not swallow their tongue. This exercise is not necessary.

Cool Down

comfortSeizure increases the dog’s fever. It is useful to sponge your dog- if it is safe – with a little hot water on the tummy, armpits and head to lower the temperature.

If the condition continues, it is recommended that you take them to the nearest vet or hospital so that you can prevent bad things from happening. The vet will immediately take necessary actions to prevent the illness.

Use Acupressure

Few owners are not aware that dogs also respond to the application of pressure. The acupressure point is GV26 when the dog is in a seizure. Perform this for a one minute will put the seizure into a halt.

Monitor Their Condition

Watch your puppy carefully after seizure. Check their gums. If the gum looks pale, consult with vet. If another seizure occurs and lasts for 5 minutes, consult your vet again.


Benefits of grooming pets

Pet grooming goes beyond just keeping the dog good-looking but also maintaining the pet’s cleanliness. Grooming facilitates proper physical health, and attractive appearance of the pet hence has great benefits for the pet. Moreover, different species and breeds require varied levels of grooming services to ensure that they are neat and attractive. The Likeable Pets help manage the pets and groom them properly. Therefore, practicing regular pet grooming sessions has many benefits both to the pet and the pet owners such as;

General health


Grooming facilitates proper and desirable pet health. This is because excess fur or hair covering may attract dirt, fleas or ticks that may cause or transmit diseases to the pets. Moreover, with regular grooming, it becomes easy to detect any skin, eye, teeth, ear infections or diseases that may occur in a pet hence leading to early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Additionally, proper grooming allows proper cleaning or bathing of the pet which assists minimize or eliminate body odor that may occur due to sweating. Moreover, nail clipping assists maintain a preferred nail length which assists limit the number of germs collected during movement which may cause diseases to the pet or are likely to break causing severe pain to the pet.

Efficient training and exercise

Regular training gives the pet a good appearance which encourages the owner to go out for exercise frequently. Moreover, well-trimmed hair reduces the pet’s body weight and allows it to enjoy running around. Also, well-groomed pets have a rare chance of experiencing heat stress since the extra layer of fur or hair is removed.

Ease medical checkups

Well-groomed pets ease the medical checkup handling. This is because the pet vets find it easy to examine them in a fast manner. Groomed animals give less stress since the face, legs and tail areas are well visible which allows a thorough cross-examination. This makes the medical bills to be quite low.

Control pet behavior

Groomed animals have a level of understanding of the service provided to them and hence tend to avoid getting themselves dirty. Moreover, it becomes easy to control the behavior patterns of the pet making them sociable and friendly as well as calm.

Ease in mating


Grooming among pets makes them feel pretty and attractive as well as increases their sociability hence they are in a position to have positive experiences with their species kind. Well-groomed pets have an easy time when mating with their partners. Therefore, with proper grooming, the pets have an improved chance to enjoy the mating process without excess hair getting in their way which may be painful or passing on diseases.