Strategies in Developing a Non-Profit Branding

When you consider non-profit branding a manifestation – it goes beyond a unit of symbol or color scheme. More than maintaining your organization’s reputation, branding enhances your equity and commitment. Your brand is the overall perception of your organization in the non-profit world, and building your brand means shaping those perceptions. It’s an ongoing process, and here are some of the strategies for developing successful branding:

Gain Insights


Knowledge acquisition is the ideal starting point. The goal is to capture the current perceptions of your company’s stakeholders. By conducting interviews, surveys, roundtables, polls, and more among volunteers, donors, staff, partners, trustees, activists, and anyone else connected in some way with your organization, you can understand what people think of you. This process will allow you to identify where you are and where you need to go to achieve your goals.

Look for the Difference

This strategy will give people one reason to partner with your organization over another. Some of the differentiators you should be thinking about are. Unique goals, working towards a different outcome than others. Unique territory, you are the only non-profit organization operating in your region. Special techniques are methods of application that are different from many others.

Create a Character

pencilsYour brand’s character is the combination of the individual qualities attributed to it; it is the way it speaks and behaves. The best way to achieve this would be to explain your brand as if it were an individual. How would you then explain the function of your brand? It can be funny, serious, authoritative, or believable. It consists of visual components and can be broadly broken down into typography, colors and graphics, and attributes of lines, textures, and shapes.

Define Brand Encounters

A new experience is the result of brand interaction, and it is better to define brand encounters clearly to your clients. Beyond design, personalization, packaging, or advertising, new connections are about feeling, sensations, and other behavioral responses to something new.

Maintain Consistency

Creating single prints on multiple occasions is confusing to the receiver and should be avoided. Being consistent is one of the keys to improving successful branding for your business. With all of the above settings, it’s easy to create a similar print each time and force the brand directions in a particular order. Consistency isn’t seen in the things you do and say, but in the way, your brand feels and looks and the experiences you create.